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Paradrop Leather


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The Triarii 2.0 was originally released in early 2021.  An "AH HA" moment occurred when I discovered the use of negative space on the original Triarii organizer, which ultimately led to the stacked design that started a trend and forever changed the EDC organizer game.  

A 4 slot design developed to complement your "Write, Light, Slice & Pry" carry all in one compact pocket size design. 

  • Designed to carry; small / medium folding knives, traditional slipjoint knives, 4.5" - 5" pens, 4 - 5" prybars and AA/AAA flashlights (up to .75" diameter)
  • Optional loop or belt clip for waist carry (additional cost) 
  • Product Dimensions: 5" x 3.25"

Please note: Limited Editions may drop and be made available to purchase at any time.